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High Aluminum Anchor Brick Of Refractory Material

High alumina anchored brick is made of natural high grade bauxite as the main refractory material, adding soft or semi-soft clay as the binder in high alumina clinker to start batching, mixing, and then forming, drying, and finally firing. Generally, the alumina content of high-aluminum anchored bricks is above 55%, and the high-aluminum anchored bricks can be customized for production and processing according to customer needs. The load-softening temperature of high-aluminum anchored bricks can reach 1550℃, which can meet the performance requirements of the top lining of the heating furnace.

Characteristics of high aluminum anchor brick in heating furnace:

1. High temperature volume stability.

2. Good corrosion resistance.

3. High softening temperature under load.

4. Spalling resistance, high compressive strength.

High-aluminum anchor brick is a kind of shaped high-aluminum firebrick, which includes a column composed of a hanging end and anchor solid, an interval division groove set on the surface of the anchor body, and a bar is arranged along the length direction on at least one surface of the anchor solid. Due to the reinforcement and pulling effect of the bar, the tensile and folding strength of the anchor solid is significantly improved. The stress generated at the groove is blocked at the bar and cannot be transmitted, so the high-aluminum anchored brick is not easy to break.

The high aluminum anchor brick is a firebrick for the top wall of the heating furnace. The size can be customized according to the needs of the heating furnace, which can meet the needs of the heating furnace lining, ensure the service life of the heating furnace lining, and improve the economic benefit of the heating furnace.

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