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The difference between firebrick and red brick

Firebricks are generally divided into two types. That is, amorphous refractories and shaped refractories. Amorphous refractory material is also called castable, is composed of a variety of aggregates or aggregates and one or more adhesives composed of mixed powder particles, and must be used with one or more liquids mixed evenly, with strong fluidity. Shaped refractories generally refer to refractory bricks, whose shape has standard rules, and can also be temporarily processed when cutting as needed.

First of all, from the color point of view, firebricks are mainly light yellow, while red bricks are red, and another is that the use is different, red bricks are mainly used to build houses, firebricks are mainly used to build furnaces and build firewalls. So users in the purchase is still relatively easy to distinguish, but many users for the two in the production, use and other aspects of the difference is not very understanding.

First, the difference in raw materials and production processes

1. Firebrick

Firebrick is a refractory material made of fireclay or other refractory raw materials, which is light yellow or brown. Mainly used for laying smelting furnaces, capable of 1,580 ° -1,770 high temperature. Also known as firebrick.

2. Red brick

When producing bricks, the brick is generally burned through inside and outside with a fire, and then the fire is turned off, so that the kiln and the brick are naturally cooled, at this time, the kiln is hollow and circulating, and the oxygen is sufficient, forming a good oxidation atmosphere, so that the iron element in the brick is oxidized to iron trioxide. Since iron sesquioxide is red, it is also red.

Second, the use is different

1. Firebrick

It can be used as high temperature building materials and structural materials for building kilns and various thermal equipment, and can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical effects at high temperatures.

2. Red brick

The common clay brick not only has certain strength and durability, but also has certain advantages of thermal insulation, sound insulation and so on because of its porosity. Therefore, it is suitable for wall materials, and can also be used for masonry columns, arches, chimneys, ground and foundations, etc., and old buildings use it as building materials.

Refractory brick has thermal shock resistance: the ability to resist rapid changes in temperature without being destroyed, it can withstand the greater pressure capacity (normal temperature), bending strength: the ability to withstand shear pressure, sexual change rate: refers to the change of the volume in the same temperature change, if each expansion and contraction is the same, we define such a linear change rate of 0.

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