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Methods to prevent the cracking of refractory bricks

Firebricks are fragile in use, so in order to preserve their integrity in use, they must be prevented from breaking. The purpose of this is to ensure its beauty and minimize the loss of the enterprise.

1. Strengthen the weathering and humidification of refractory brick raw materials, all raw materials and internal fuel mixing should be uniform, timely removal of impurities in raw materials to ensure uniform drying shrinkage of the body.

2. Timely maintenance of raw material preparation equipment, so that it meets the technical requirements, to ensure the quality of raw materials crushing and mixing. In order to prevent the raw material cracking caused by the non-uniformity of the above processes such as crushing, stirring and extrusion caused by the equipment.

3. Timely maintenance and replacement of the extruder reamer to prevent excessive wear of the reamer, unbalanced extrusion speed of raw materials, cracks caused by inconsistent compactness of the blank body, resulting in inconsistent drying and shrinkage of refractory bricks.

The above is the method to prevent the cracking of refractory bricks, mainly from the above three aspects, to better ensure the integrity of the brick, so as to better complete the use.

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