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How To Cut Clay Firebrick Correctly

Cutting is the operation of cutting a clay firebrick to adapt it to a specific shape or size. When cutting clay firebrick, you need to use the appropriate tools and clay firebrick cutting plate, while paying attention to the following points:

First, choose cutting tools

Cutting clay firebricks requires the right tools. Commonly used cutting tools are hand-held electromechanical cutting machines, hand tools, spark cutting machines and so on. Hand-held electro-mechanical cutting machine is a more commonly used cutting tool, which can achieve different cutting effects by replacing different saw blades. Hand tools include hammers, chisels, etc., but they are time-consuming and laborious. The spark cutting machine needs to be equipped with oxygen and acetylene gas, which is not suitable for beginners.

2. Preparation

Before cutting a clay firebrick, you need to prepare it. First of all, clean the dust and debris on the surface of the clay firebrick to ensure that it will not be affected when cutting. Secondly, use a pen or pencil on the clay firebrick to draw the lines to be cut, so that it is easy to operate when cutting.

Three, cutting operation steps

1. Place the clay firebrick on a smooth work surface and clamp it with a tool.

2. According to the lines that need to be cut, fix the saw blade on the electro-mechanical cutting machine and start the machine.

3. Slowly lower the saw blade until it touches the surface of the clay firebrick. When cutting, keep it stable and control the cutting speed, not too fast or too slow.

4. When cutting to a predetermined position, stop the cutting machine and turn off the power.

5. Use a hammer and chisel for follow-up.

4. Precautions

1. It is necessary to wear protective glasses and masks during the cutting process to prevent dust and other substances from damaging the eyes and respiratory system.

2. Pay attention to safety when cutting, do not put your fingers too close to the saw blade to avoid injury.

3. After cutting, clean the dust and debris on the workbench and cutting machine in time for next use.

In short, the correct cutting method of clay firebrick can make you more convenient for construction and repair work. Before cutting, be sure to pay attention to preparation and safety matters to ensure the cutting effect and personal safety

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