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Refractory Thermal Insulation fireproof Calcium Silicate product

Calcium silicate is a new generation of green material. On the basis of good moisture-proof,fire prevention performance, it also has the function of environment protection.The main materials of the product are SiO2, CaO powder and use the natural wood fiber as reinforcing materials and mingle other auxiliary materials.

Product Feature:
·Thermal conductivity,has perfect adiabatic performance in the whole usage scope.
·Light bulk weight,high compressive strength. Its strength is the highest in rigid thermal insulation products.
·Excellent durability,no pulverization with long time usage.
·Strong practicability in construction, it can be incised easily by ordinary carpentry tools.
·It is safe in use and non-toxic,no poisonous substance,such as asbestos. Sulfur,chlorine.
·Water bearable, keep constant performance after drying.
·Withstand high temperature for a long time,protect thermal equipment very well

Application Fields:
Petroleum,Chemical,Construction Material,Light Industry,Machinery,Metallurgy. Electricity.Aluminum Industry,Shipbuilding.Heating power pipeline,boiler body,kiln body Etc.

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