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Fire Clay Bricks For Sale

Fire Clay Bricks For Sale

Fire Clay Bricks For Sale are the oldest building materials in the world. Fire clay bricks for sale are made of clay clinker and refractory clay. The alumina content of the fire clay bricks for sale is 30%~40%. Fire clay bricks for  sale is a kind of refractory brick with large production, low price and wide use. Usually, fire clay bricks for sale are used in civil and architectural engineering. If you want high quality fire clay bricks for sale, please E-mail QH--- Fire Clay Bricks For Sale Company! QH Fire Clay Bricks For Sale Company will offer you qualified fire clay bricks for sale for you with low price! Interested? Contact US!

What Is Fire Clay Bricks For Sale

Fire clay bricks for sale are refractory clay bricks with 30~48% Al2O3 content and 50~65% SiO2 content,

the refractoriness will increase with the increase of the ratio Al2O3/SiO2.  Fire clay bricks for sale use clay  clinker as aggregate and refractory clay as binder, forming by semi dry method.  Fire clay bricks for

sale are building materials in China’s five thousand years of history and are favored by Chinese engineers. Fire clay bricks for sale are acid refractories which are widely used in acid kiln lining with long life  service.

Fire Clay Bricks Properties

Fire Clay Bricks For Sale Varieties

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