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High aluminum refractory brick has the reason of color difference

The brick color of high aluminum refractory brick is related to the alumina content, such as the secondary high aluminum refractory brick, the refractory brick with 60% alumina content is yellow, the refractory brick with 68% alumina content is shallower than the refractory brick with 60% alumina content, and the refractory brick with 70% alumina content is whiter.

Of course, there will be more or less uncertainties in the production process of high-aluminum refractory bricks, which will lead to color differences.

First of all, the brick deposit is sparse or uneven, resulting in uneven heating when entering the kiln, or the brick enters the firing zone with moisture is not completely removed, which will lead to inconsistent color of high-aluminum refractory bricks. Second, the firing temperature of the kiln is large or small, resulting in large fluctuations in the heating temperature of the brick. Then, the tension of the exhaust machine is too large, resulting in a large temperature difference between the upper and lower levels. Sometimes, the lower high aluminum refractory brick is stuck and deformed to produce waste, while the upper part still does not reach the firing temperature. Then it may be that the raw materials of high aluminum refractory bricks are not matched correctly, and there are many impurities. The high aluminum refractory brick produced has rough surface and uneven color.

Therefore, when producing high-aluminum refractory bricks, we must pay attention to the color problem to avoid obvious color difference problems.

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