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What Kind Of Refractory Materials Are Generally Used In Steel Mills

Steel mills generally use a variety of different types of refractory materials, these materials can withstand high temperature environments as well as corrosive chemicals, protect steel production equipment from slag and metal splash damage. The following are some common refractories commonly used in steel mills.

Silicon carbide refractory: Silicon carbide is a material that can maintain high strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. It has good fire resistance and can withstand high temperature (about 1400-1600 degrees Celsius) and acid corrosion. Silicon carbide refractories are usually used to make high temperature furnaces, furnace linings, furnace nozzles, etc.

Refractory brick: Refractory brick is a common refractory material made from high-quality raw materials such as clay and quartz sand. Refractory brick can withstand high temperature (about 1300-1600 degrees Celsius) and corrosive substances, often used in steel mills in the high temperature furnace, furnace nozzle, insulation layer.

High aluminum refractory: High aluminum refractory is made of high bauxite and high aluminum clay, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can withstand high temperatures (about 1400-1600 degrees Celsius and corrosion of alkaline substances, and is often used in furnace, furnace nozzle, mud line and other locations.

Refractory coating: Refractory coating is a coating that can protect the base material under high temperature conditions. It can provide fire resistance, insulation and corrosion resistance, and is often used as a protective coating for furnaces, pipelines and other parts.

Refractory fiber: Refractory fiber is a kind of refractory material made of ceramic, glass and other fiber materials. It has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation and acid and alkali resistance. Refractory fiber is often used in steel steel insulation layer, insulation layer and other positions.

Blast furnace lining material: Blast furnace lining material is a refractory material specially used for blast furnace lining. It needs to have high fire resistance, corrosion resistance to smelting slag, oxidation resistance and other characteristics of common materials including refractory bricks, high aluminum refractories and so on.

The refractories used in steel mills will be selected according to the specific process flow, furnace structure and use requirements and other factors, and different positions and functions require different types of refractories to meet different requirements. At the same time, steel mills will also choose appropriate refractories according to economic, environmental and sustainable development factors to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

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