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How To Choose The Size Of Clay Brick

Clay bricks also have different sizes in production and processing, and the reason why they have different sizes is because they can be used in different occasions. However, sometimes when we do not know how to choose, if we choose the wrong one, we will find that the effect is not the same as expected after the construction. So today I'm going to take you to talk about how to choose the size of the brick.

1, in fact, the hardness of this brick itself is higher than that of cement when it is used, so it is generally like using 40mm when laying sidewalks to meet the needs of daily human nature, and some bicycles have higher requirements for the hardness of bricks, so it is necessary to use 50mm. For example, some road sections that may have vehicles and so on need to be laid again need to use 60mm, only in this way can ensure that the brick will not be damaged during the process of driving, so as to avoid the need for repeated maintenance and replacement of the brick in the later period, but generally most of the road surface of the vehicle is the use of asphalt more. In ordinary life, clay bricks are still used to lay sidewalks.

2, because the brick in the process of processing will go through high temperature roasting, so its own error is relatively small, such as the current more widely used is 240*115mm size, such a size of the brick can meet the normal use will not increase the workload of construction, there is a need to leave the appropriate size of the gap in the construction process.

The above is how to choose the size of the clay brick, the general choice of how much brick to use is the need for engineering needs to choose, and no matter what type of brick is used, the first need to choose is good quality use.

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