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Types And Applications Of Light Insulation Bricks

Lightweight thermal insulation brick is also known as thermal insulation brick, is a commonly used refractory brick, lightweight thermal insulation brick has good thermal insulation performance characteristics. Light insulation bricks are generally divided into the following types:

First, light silicon brick

Light silicon brick is a new type of refractory material, often used in the iron and steel industry, generally used in the hot blast furnace wall, high hot air passage, and the blast furnace pump is more similar due to the shape and location of the hot blast furnace, the temperature range is usually between 1000℃~1300℃, and the load softening temperature is about 1640℃. In reality, many cases can prove that lightweight silicon bricks can be used in kilns below 1500 ° C ~1600 ° C, and can be used for a long time, but also can be used to directly lay the surface in contact with hot gas, and can also be used on the large-span furnace top.

Second, diatomite insulation brick

Diatomite insulation brick is a light insulation material made of diatomite as raw material. It has good thermal insulation performance and can be laid on the back of clay brick as heat insulation layer. Diatomite insulation brick has stable performance and energy-saving effect, and its thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient are small, which can ensure the stability of high temperature equipment. At the same time, the thermal effect of the diatomite insulation brick is strong, it is not easy to be bonded by the melt, and even can resist the local mechanical vibration of the kiln.

Three, polyhydrogen insulation brick

The thermal insulation performance of the product is good, because the material can be expanded when the raw material is added, so there are more holes, low thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation performance.

Because it is produced because the expansion can make the brick irregular, but also further work construction to reach the size people want, so the cost is higher, although the performance of polyhydrogen brick is superior, it also has its own obvious shortcomings, that is, poor environmental performance, usually used in large glass kilns and other aspects.

Four, light clay insulation brick

The aluminum content of light clay insulation bricks is generally between 30%-46%, belonging to the porosity class light insulation materials, masonry on the back of clay bricks or high aluminum bricks, can be used as insulation layer, and some direct contact with the flame surface can be coated with a layer of refractory coating, the refractory temperature is usually 800-900℃, the maximum does not exceed 1200℃. It has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity and good heat preservation performance.

Five, light high aluminum insulation brick

Aluminum content is not less than 48%, is a good thermal insulation material, can be used to build high aluminum refractory brick or light silicon brick back, when directly in contact with the flame, the temperature can reach 1350℃, with light bulk weight, small shrinkage value, non-permeability, good thermal shock resistance, refractoriness up to 700℃.

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