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What Is The Shrinkage Rate Of Firebrick

Sometimes, some data will be used to test the quality of refractory bricks and other properties to facilitate the user to choose the appropriate brick material. So what is the main knowledge of the shrinkage rate of brick that needs to be understood?

1. Drying shrinkage: When the brick is drying, the evaporation of water makes the particles in the refractory brick close to each other, forming contraction.

2. Firing shrinkage: the physical and chemical reaction with fusible impurities generates a liquid state, which is filled between the particles by the dried and burned brick, so that the body shrinks.

3. Requirements: The linear shrinkage rate of raw materials is small, and the shrinkage of refractory bricks can not be too urgent or too fast when drying

The requirement of shrinkage rate of firebrick is still very strict. At the same time, pay attention to control the temperature during firing. Sometimes burning will directly or indirectly affect the shrinkage of the brick, and the user should pay attention to it when operating.

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